Apr 2, 2014 1:00 AM by Lupita Murillo, Kimberly Cain

Police: Tweets tell a different story than the one a student told N4T about riots

TUCSON - The riot after the Wildcats lost the Elite Eight basketball game is still being investigated.

Tim Decker was among the 15 arrested on Saturday night on University Boulevard when crowds of fans and police faced off in the road.

Tuesday, Decker told News 4 Tucson he went to the area for what he described as a tailgate. "We were showing the pride like we love our school even though we lost and like telling the players like good job with the season," said Tim Decker, UA biology student. "We were just being fans."

Sergeant Pete Dugan opposes that statement as he points out the video evidence.

"Decker is standing in front of the police line where police are trying to back up the crowd to clear the streets," Dugan said. "And he comes right back to the line of the officers that are still moving forward at that point they do have to grab him and take him into custody," Dugan said.

Decker claims no one heard the police give the order to disperse.

"That seems hard to believe," Dugan said. "He's also saying a lot of other things like he was going there to peaceful that night and have a good time and that's just not true."

Decker's Twitter explains everything, said Dugan.

"As a matter of fact when tip off started, he tweets 'tonight we riot'," said Dugan. "Like I said, we riot and he puts a frown mean face on his tweets."

These tweets were uncovered on Saturday and saved by officers. By Wednesday, both of those tweets were removed, said Dugan.

When contacting Decker about the tweets, he was unreachable. Decker's voicemail says it's full and a text to his number went unanswered.

The Tucson Police Department will be showing those tweets to the dean of students, TPD said.


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