May 3, 2013 2:47 PM by Ryan Haarer

Port of Tucson charting new waters with international shipments

TUCSON - The Port of Tucson is the Union Pacific's Arizona home for domestic shipments.

But, since the Port of Tucson has expanded their rail lines to ten miles, Union Pacific can now deliver international shipments by train. Containers come right of the boat in long beach, California instead of by truck.

"Goods just move much more efficient. Any company that transports anything more than 500 miles right now will benefit from rail service. You reduce carbon footprint, you reduce costs. You don't know where fuel is going, during produce season there is a driver shortage," said Stefan Baumann with the Port of Tucson.

These ocean containers have the potential to make businesses more competitive on a global scale by reducing the freight cost, possibly even attracting more companies to the region.

"The freight charges have the biggest impact on any supply chain. so being able to take advantage of such an operation here will make business sense for them to move here."

The first shipment arriving next week from china is full of pottery for a local Tucson business.


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