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Aug 22, 2013 6:51 PM by kri

Portable classroom needing repairs

TUCSON - A Tucson mom is worried about her son's safety at school telling Kristi's Kids his portable classroom is in horrible condition.

Briana Cota has several photographs showing damage and decay.

"This one? It's a rusty corner that's sticking off of the sidewalk. Like, if a kid falls and scraps their knee or leg or anything, that's a trip to the hospital possibly for stitches or a tetanus shot."

Briana's son is in the 5th grade at Booth-Ficket Magnet School. There are two classrooms in this modular building. Briana's worried about rust on the ramps and other problems.

Pointing to another photo she says, "This is the side of it. It's coming apart. And right here up by the front door, is insulation, exposed insulation."

So she's also worried about possible mold after the recent rains.

"You can see the nails coming out," she says.

The day before school started, Briana says she talked to the teacher. She tells us the teacher and principal both said a work order was turned in. Still, almost three weeks later, no repairs have been completed.

"And this is actually taken on July 31st. And I have one that's actually widened a little bit more since I took a picture last Thursday," Briana says.

Briana says she followed-up with the teacher last week and she says the teacher did not have any new information about that work order. She emailed Kristi's Kids to get answers so we contacted the Tucson Unified School District.

T.U.S.D. provided this response Wednesday afternoon.

"...a facilities team will visit the school today to assess the situation and make any needed repairs today to ensure there are no safety or comfort concerns for our students. The operations department will then put together a plan to restore the exterior of the building asap.

I also spoke with the principal of the school who says that the interior of the building is clean and safe and an appropriate environment for student learning. The principal has not received any comments from parents about the exterior of the building."

--Cara Rene, Director Communications and Media Relations


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