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Feb 17, 2014 8:37 PM by Lupita Murillo

Predator Takedown: Man accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old

TUCSON- A married man with children is arrested for sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl.
The incident happened in Ajo Arizona in mid January. On Feb. 7, Juan Marcos Martinez Gastelum was charged with sexual assault.

Pima County's Fugitive Investigative Strike Force (FIST) along with the US Marshals arrested the 35 year old suspect at his Southside home in Tucson.

Investigators say the arrest happened just in time. Detective Eric Lindenau is handling the case. He believes it appeared Gastelum may be getting ready to skip town. "His behavior lately did suggest something like that. I don't know exactly if that is what he was planning to do."

Investigators say when they first questioned the 35 year old suspect in January. He denied any wrongdoing. " At the time because of some statements that were made we did not have enough to make the arrest. Since then we have received some forensic evidence "

Evidence that was obtained by detectives from a rape kit that was performed on the teenager. This is what medical personnel use to gather and preserve physical evidence. Evidence that will prove if a suspect is lying or not. Plus detectives also collected forensic samples from the suspect. The results ended in the arrest.

Detectives say it's important to make the arrest as soon as possible. "You never know when they could victimize someone else. So it's always important to stop them as soon as possible."

That is what Jarrad Duxbury wants to hear. He lives across the street from the suspect. "I've got a young daughter so obviously I am a concerned citizen just like any young father would be. But like I said hopefully they will keep him incarcerated if he's guilty."

Gastelum was charged with sexual assault.

Detectives work closely with advocacy organizations that provide support and counseling to victims. If you have a story for crime trackers, email or contact the following agencies if you know someone is in crisis or needs help. Http://


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