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Dec 19, 2012 12:29 AM by Sean Mooney

Preparing your home for frosty weather in Tucson

Tucson- It may not be the north pole but Tucson does get some freezing temperatures every year. And while you may not need rock salt or a snow shovel there are some precautions you can take to protect your home from a visit by Mr. Frost.

When temperatures drop below freezing the cold can do some damage around your house. Exposed pipes, like the ones you hook the garden hose up to, can burst after freezing.

If that happens it can end up costing you some serious money to have a plumber come out to replace your pipes. According to Joe Perea, from Cummings Plumbing, there is a much simpler solution, "If they are not insulated they can burst, I would insulate them with black pipe wrap."
The wrap can be purchased at any hardware store.

Perea says to measure the length of the pipe and cut the wrap. Once placed on the pipe use tape to secure the it. He also offers an added tip, "As added protection lay a towel over the top of (the pipe) or a blanket. And if you don't have the pipe wrap just lay the towel itself, it's better than nothing."

Plants are also in danger of freezing. Jan Westenborg from Green Things Nursery says first of all don't panic, "It's not going to go below 28, even at 28 most people have their plants covered, protected by a house, by a wall, by a tree", said Westenborg", so the chances of any body really losing anything are highly remote."

Westenborg also advises bringing plants inside if you can, all the others you should cover,"All you need to do is cut the cloth so it covers the plant plus leave a little on the ground so it can be weighted down by something that is strong enough to withstand the wind."


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