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Mar 19, 2013 2:04 AM

Progress for Tucson's Pink Ninja

TUCSON - A year and a half ago, Addie Rerecich was saved. After 93 days on a lung bypass machine, Addie got a double lung transplant. Her own lungs, destroyed by a vicious staph infection. Addie also suffered a stroke. Today, Addie is 13 years old and a much different girl. A teenage, Pink Ninja. Stronger than ever.

Addie got a "Make a Wish" bedroom makeover. All the furniture is from Pottery Barn for Teens. Closet Trends Arizona, Express Flooring, Strayer Painting, Granite Kitchen and Bath, Home Depot, and Dunn Edwards paint also chipped-in, to make everything perfect.

Addie is back at school, full time now. She's also working hard to get back to her pre-sickness weight. 100 pounds. Seven more pounds and she'll be there.

Addie is also walking and climbing stairs like a champ. She even RAN a little, with her friends. Addie tells Kristi's Kids, "I feel like I could walk forever."

That said, the process of getting better is starting to wear thin on Addie. Since her double lung transplant, in September 2011, Addie has been hospitalized five time with pneumonia. She has to take a number of medications, to keep going, since there's always the chance of "rejection." Regardless, Addie feels more alive than ever. Addie says, "Anything is possible... as long as you think you can do it."

To follow Addie's progress, you can follow her on Facebook. Click here:


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