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May 19, 2013 6:33 PM by Erika Flores

"Project Graduation," a drug and alcohol-free graduation celebration

TUCSON-"Ten years saving ten lives" that's how long Project Graduation has been running at Amphitheater School District.

It's an alcohol and drug free event on graduation night that keeps kids having fun all night at school rather than on the streets, and they said close to ten thousand students have gone through this event.

Volunteers are working hard stringing lights making props, dedicated to making a memorable drug and alcohol free night for graduating seniors.

It takes a lot of work to put this event together and money, 55 thousand dollars worth.

During the whole year parent and community volunteers raise funds for this night.

"It's very beneficial to us," said Tyler, graduating senior. "I think it's a really great idea."

Event chair Joyce Contrades said the event keeps the students off the streets.

"Ensuring that they have the most successful future that they can have," said Contrades.

Tyler said before Project Graduation, big parties with alcohol were popular on graduation night.

"People did do that, and every once in a while, you'd get a car accident or people would get arrested after graduation," said Tyler.

But this all night event, filled with laser tag, all you can eat food, casino games, a salon and big prizes keeps students here.

"If they do have to leave that's fine, but we will call their parent or legal guardian and say' Mrs. Smith, Johnny is coming home. Is that okay with you?'" said Contrades.

Tyler said high school students go to parties on a small scale throughout the year, but "If this wasn't happening, so many seniors would probably go to one big party and then bad things could happen," he said.

It is the reason why these volunteers work so hard to keep the excitement alive for graduating seniors.


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