Feb 18, 2014 11:59 AM by Ryan Haarer

Pros say they can feel the difference in type of golf ball they use

TUCSON- It's no surprise that golfers on the GPA Tour are sponsored by the biggest names in sports and the golfers stick with their ball even when they are practicing.

The science behind these golf balls gives players a chance to customize the ball they play and shave strokes off the leaderboard.

"It's very important! They want to hit the ball they are going to play with. Of course they are sponsored by the golf ball company as well," says Mike Taylor. He leads the team of people who gather, clean, and sort all the range balls.

Rory McIlroy has been a Nike guy since last season and says there are a wide variety ball styles

"it all depends on what you need, more spin, less spin, you like a softer ball or more of a firmer feel. So it's all up to the individual," says McIlroy.

The pros can feel the differenece. the dimple patter on their ball matches the club they are swinging, affecting the spin and trajectory.

"Of course it differs. It differs, obviously the pros can feel more of a difference than some of the other sort of golfers out there," says McIlroy.


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