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May 20, 2014 1:00 AM by Marisa Mendelson

PTA president accused of voyeurism appears in court

TUCSON - A former PTA President was in court for the first time, after being accused of secretly taking pictures of an underage girl. The News 4 Tucson Investigators first broke the story earlier this month. On Monday, Aaron Garibay was in court for his arraignment.

News 4 Tucson was the only station in court when Garibay entered a plea of not guilty. Tucson Police say Garibay took pictures of a 17-year-old girl while she was in a changing room at a thrift store.

Police arrested Garibay on April 24th for one count of voyeurism. At the time of his arrest, Garibay was the President of the PTA at Steele Elementary. But the school did not notify parents about his arrest until May 5th.

We got a copy of the letter the Principal sent to parents. It said, "Many of you may have seen the news over the weekend reporting that our PTA President is currently being investigated by the Tucson Police Department. Like you, I became aware of the incident through the weekend news."

News 4 Tucson asked a Spokesperson for TUSD why the school didn't find out about the arrest before our station broke the story, since the arrest occurred almost two weeks prior.

Cara Rene, a Spokesperson for TUSD sent us a statement: "The PTA is a private organization outside of the control of TUSD and therefore there is not a district policy governing it. Much like other groups that may have associations with the district but are not part of district operations, we do not monitor how they manage their members. TUSD's requirement is that community members who volunteer in our schools must go through our security protocols if there is to be contact with students - this includes fingerprint clearance. The incident involving this individual happened outside of TUSD and is not related to students, staff or others at Steele Elementary. The principal informed parents of the incident so they would be aware of the situation."

The Principal of Steele Elementary told parents that students and staff are not involved in the investigation of Aaron Garibay. The PTA Secretary and Treasurer have not taken over Garibay's duties. Meanwhile, Garibay's next court hearing is scheduled for June 18th.

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