Sep 11, 2013 12:21 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Rally outside SUSD calling for a board member's resignation

TUCSON - A crowd gathered at Sunnyside Unified School District headquarters, calling for the resignation of a board member.

Tuesday's board meeting was expected to get heated during a call to the audience. But late in the day that meeting was cancelled.

Still, a rally seeking the resignation of Bobby Garcia went on.

The governing board is comprised of five members, three were no shows Tuesday. The meeting was called-off, leaving some community members not too happy.

Since they couldn't voice their concerns inside, they rallied outside.

Al Arellano says, "I've lived in this district since 1968, I spent 16 years on this school board."

He's concerned about Garcia's moral character and integrity, in light of discipline he received as a TPD officer.

"Raises some serious concerns about his ability or reason to serve," says Arellano.

Lack of quorum is the reason the district gave for cancelling Tuesday's board meeting. Meaning not enough board members were in attendance to conduct business.

Bobbie Garcia, Louie Gonzales, and Eva Dong called out.

"Suddenly three board members fell ill," said board member Daniel Hernandez.

"Is it illness, or is something else going on behind the scenes," asks News 4 Tucson's Rebecca Taylor.

Hernandez responds, "You know it's a little fishy to have three board members all at once, within three hours of a meeting, which they knew was going to be contentious. They all got word as I did of this rally."

Board Member Buck Crouch adds, "I think it's distracting us from what we need to be doing as a district."

Hernandez and Crouch showed up to speak with community members, who maybe didn't know of the cancellation. The pair were not part of the rally itself.

"I think we're the laughing stock not only inside the city, but outside the city," says Arellano.

Tuesday's board meeting has yet to be rescheduled.


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