May 17, 2013 9:49 AM

Random act of kindness helping single mother find her way to success

TUCSON- Lacie Mattox is a single mother of four, who works part-time as a cashier at the Triple T Truck Stop.

"The kids always get fed," Mattox says. "It's just that sometimes I don't."

About six years ago she started using recycled fabrics to sew clothing for her children, all by hand.

Recently the fashion trend caught the eye of Truck Stop Customer Ron Austin and his wife. They created a webpage to help raise enough money so that Mattox can buy a sewing machine. "If you know somebody is not doing well, who looks like they're going to fall off the edge, and you have a slice a bread, give them a crumb," Austin says.

Mattox says it will help her mass produce her clothes. "I would actually be able to open my own business, be my own boss, stay with my kids," Mattox says. "I could really use this break."

Mattox says a good sewing machine will cost about $500. To help her out head to: www.gofundme.com/2w2geo

You can also contact Ron Austin at (520) 909-6913.


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