Aug 2, 2013 7:38 PM by KRIS-TV

'Rape trees' pop up in border no-man's land

TEXAS (KRIS-TV) - As Washington continues to battle over a proposed Immigration Reform Bill, we talked to border volunteers and human rights activists about some of the horrors immigrants can face as they make their way across south Texas.

We accompanied Texas Border Volunteers who came across a "rape tree", a concept we were unfamiliar with.

The volunteers explained, it's a symbol of a coyote's conquest over a woman he's bringing across, a form of payment for his services.

A coyote will rape the woman and force her to leave her underwear underneath a tree as a message.

These barbaric practices are exactly what human trafficking advocacy groups like Blue Nation want to stop.

Practices where women have to trade something, often sex, for safe passage across the border.

Carolina Sizemore of Blue Nation says crimes like these can be greatly reduced if the public and law enforcement are made aware of two little known resources available to these women. They're called T-Visas and U-Visas.


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