Jan 16, 2014 2:24 PM by Brian White

Reid Park's newly born Tapir calf dies

TUCSON - The recently born Tapir calf named Franklin died at Reid Park Zoo Thursday.

Zoo officials say they had to pull the calf for hand-rearing because its mother wasn't taking care of him properly.

Zoo keepers were giving Frankling around-the-clock care as he struggled with his regular feedings, zoo spokeswoman Vivian VanPeenan said in a release.

Franklin was also being treated for pneumonia and required oxygen support.

Zoo officials could tell his condition was serious. He died Thursday afternoon.

"This is an extremely sad day for the Reid Park Zoo family," states Jason Jacobs, Zoo Administrator. "From his much anticipated arrival, to the challenges he experienced the hours and days following his birth, it is clear that this calf received the best care we were able to give him. I am extremely proud of the keepers and the veterinary team."


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