Jul 8, 2013 10:04 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Residents blame City for flooding of homes near Houghton

TUCSON - Residents on the southeast side of town are still picking up the pieces after Friday's Monsoon storm tore through neighborhoods in the area, leaving some houses flooded and left with thousands of dollars of damage.

Some residents living near Poorman and Houghton argue that the city's ongoing construction nearby diverted floodwaters right into their neighborhood.

Orion Simmano, 18, was house-sitting for his aunt and uncle who were out of town when the storm hit.

"It was flooded, so I put the towels down and I really didn't know what to do," Simmano said.

Family helped him pull out the carpet and dry it with fans, as the water flooded up to about 4 inches of the dry wall.

One neighbor recalls the damaging water as it overflowed a wash and into the neighborhood.

"All the water really didn't have anywhere to go because it seemed like it was being funneled by the construction that's on the road right now," he said.

However, the city argues that the sheer power of the storm is to blame.

"When you get that real high density storm in a very short duration and you dump all that water at once, that's what you get," said Daryl Cole, director of Transportation for the City of Tucson.

Faulting mother nature for the damage, Cole said that nothing could have been done in the wake of construction to prevent it.

"You can't get ready for that one, especially in the middle of construction," Cole said.

Meanwhile, residents continue to worry more storms will be on their way -- something that could spell trouble for their homes and property.


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