Aug 14, 2014 9:30 PM by John Patrick

Residents upset with bumpy Broadway Blvd.

TUCSON - A bumpy stretch of road will soon be much smoother for east side residents.

Tucson residents on the east side will argue that a two-mile length of Broadway Boulevard, just east of Camino Seco, is the worst stretch of road on the east side.

Thanks to a lot of community involvement, the plans to repair the road may come sooner rather than later.

According to Ward 2 City Councilman Paul Cunningham, this stretch of Broadway hasn't been completely re-surfaced since it was built and the people that drive it every day are starting to notice.

Ray Pulsifer has lived in the area for several years and drives the chewed up piece of road at least twice a day. He said not only is it a headache to drive on, but it's costly to his vehicle.

"It's extremely bumpy and it tears up your shocks and tires," explained Pulsifer.

The city was back out on Broadway Thursday afternoon filling in and patching up the potholes, but residents like Ryan Sunderman feel like this is just a band-aid for an ongoing issue.

"It kind of works for a short period of time but eventually more potholes form and you have a road with a ton of patches," said Sunderman.

The road was slated to be repaired in 2017 as part of the Regional Transportation Authority Act passed by voters in 2006, but this was just too long for drivers to wait.

Pulsifer said, "this road will be in dire straits by 2017."

After several complaints into Cunningham's office, he has worked closely with the RTA and the City's Transportation Department to hire an engineer and get moving on this project about a year early.

"If we can get this project moving dirt by the end of 2015, I think that would be unbelievable and a great symbol of what a community effort this has been," explained Cunningham.

For residents the sooner the project breaks ground the better and the city is expected to receive proposals from consultants starting next month.


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