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Apr 29, 2014 6:00 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Residents worry dumping in alley could pose risk for fires

TUCSON - Residents near Armory Park are being forced to deal with dumping in an alley way, causing not only an eyesore, but some say, an unnecessary safety risk as fire season approaches.

Albert Garcia takes pride in his neighborhood near Armory Park as he has lived there for roughly 26 years.

"A total of five or six mattresses were out there," Garcia said. He's upset that the alley leading up to his home has become littered with trash and debris. That has him worried because as the alley way becomes a dumping ground of sorts, Garcia said, that's just an invitation for more problems.

"They miss that one time they have when the city picks it up so it sits here for maybe a couple months and that's a very dangerous thing because that tends to dry out the brush," Garcia said.

Tucson Fire Captain Barrett Baker acknowledges that couches and debris accumulated can become fuel for fires.

"So often we do go to those brush fires and it's couches, it's debris... it's just things that have been dumped," Baker said. "So we want to try and keep as many of those things away from houses as possible and a good way of doing that is keep the debris and alleyways clear."

As for Garcia, he hopes the neighborhood can come to an agreement to clean up the area.

"I think we just need to learn how to come together as a group and see how we can work this out," Garcia said, adding that he has appealed to the Armory Park HOA but to no avail.


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