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Jul 12, 2013 2:25 AM by Sean Mooney

Restaurant gives new meaning to "hands on" experience

It was an interesting week for Pima County Health Inspector's who encountered a few unusual violations during their many inspections of eating establishments throughout the county.

The Breakfast Club & Cafe, at 1423 N. Miracle Mile, received six critical violations. The owner was observed taking his shoe off and touching his barefoot, then putting the shoe back on and continuing to cook potatoes without first washing his hands. A dishwasher was seen picking his teeth and then washing dishes without washing his hands. Several food items tested over the required maximum 41 degrees. Pooled egg whites at 78 degrees, bread pudding at 77 degrees and raw chorizo temped at 48 degrees. With more than four critical violations, the Breakfast Club & Cafe was given a "Provisional" rating.

The Breakfast Club & Cafe management released a statement saying, "When the inspector made his inspection on 7/1/13 his first remarks were, "The place is as clean as the first day you opened! The violations were all part of a great learning experience and were all rectified immediately that day."

The Pima County Health Department has confirmed that Breakfast Club & Cafe passed reinspection.

Bruegger's Bagel Bakery, 98 West River, received two critical violations. Two boards under a prep top refrigerator unit were completely filled with dead cockroaches. More dead roaches were found throughout the kitchen. Food debris was observed on shelving and refrigerators. With a critical violation not corrected during the inspection, Bruegger's Bagel Bakery, on west River, was given a "Needs Improvement" rating.

In a statement a spokesperson for Bruegger's Bagel Bakery said, "Bruegger's Bagels would like to inform you that issues brought to our attention by the health department have all been rectified. Because there are daily procedures in place regarding equipment maintenance and product temperatures the management team was aware of the temperature issue. That issue was already being addressed and equipment was being tested prior to the health departments' arrival. For the past 15 years pest control services have been contracted monthly with Truly Nolen and services are added when recommended. Bruegger's has always had a firm commitment to the highest standards of food quality delivered in each of our neighborhood bakery cafés."

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings include, Freakee T's & Squeez, at 5373 S. Calle Santa Cruz, Piezanos Restaurant, at 2921 E. Ft. Lowell and Lucky Wishbone, at 3979 N. Oracle Rd.


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