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Feb 6, 2014 11:24 AM by John Overall

Restaurants get a second chance to pass inspection

TUCSON - Two restaurant owners found themselves in hot water with health inspectors because they didn't have hot water for employees to wash their hands.

Los Betos Mexican Food on Park Avenue got slapped with a Needs Improvement grade after inspectors witnessed employees washing their hands at a sink without hot water. That's a critical violation.

Making matters worse pipes to that sink were leaking. The Pima County Health inspector gave Los Betos a Needs Improvement grade and scheduled a second inspection.

One month later, the sink was re-installed and the water was running hot. Los Betos got a second chance to wash away that negative grade and passed the follow up inspection.

Feature on the Fly serves customers from a mobile food truck. A health inspector saw the person in charge wearing gloves while fixing a leaky pipe. Then he handled a stick of butter while wearing the same gloves. That's a critical violation. All food must be safe and honestly presented.

Feature on the Fly was also cited for not having running water for employees to wash their hands. A temporary hand washing station was set up until the problem could be fixed.

Upon reinspection Feature on the Fly finally featured hot running water and passed its reinspection with flying colors.

Kitchen Cops would like to salute all the restaurants that got Excellent grades this week including Metropolitan Grill on North Oracle, Shooter's Steakhouse & Saloon on East Prince, and Niko's mexican Food on West Ina.


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