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Mar 20, 2013 1:58 AM by Nichole Szemerei

Road of Frustration

AMADO - A viewer contacted us saying, "Arivaca road needs to be redone. Could you please help? It's tearing up our vehicles."

"The road is ridging up and it's just really bad on the tires and the shocks," says Velvet Brown. "We wish Pima County would get off their butts and do something."

Brown travels Arivaca road just west of I-19 every day. She says it's so bad, she's tempted to drive in the dirt instead and she's not the only one complaining.

"Everybody is upset about it!"

Russell Valenzuela lives on this stretch of road.

"Holes and the pavement are up high and it's just awful, just really bad," he says.

He says it's already a safety issue.

"It has been dangerous; one woman actually broke her axle right here."

He worries for the children in the area too; this is a bus stop and there's also a youth center at the start of the road.

"People have called Sheriff Bronson about it too, over and over again and nothing has been done," says Valenzuela.

And that may have something to do with county lines. Arivaca Road is split in two.

"When you call Pima County they say call Santa Cruz County, when you call Santa Cruz County they say call Pima County, but this is actually Pima County right here."

We went to the Pima County Department of Transportation to see why nothing has been done.

"It is in failed condition, I'll admit that, but of our 1,800 miles of roads that we have in Pima County that we're responsible for that fully 61 percent of them are in poor or failed condition," says Director, Priscilla Cornelio.

The department says its hands are tied. Arivaca Road would need total reconstruction, costing about a million dollars. Pima County is slated to receive a total of 5 million next fiscal year. That will fix only 3 to 4 percent of our roads.
"The amount of revenues that I get now are less than what I got ten years ago and so what's happened is unfortunately we have not been able to maintain our roads the way that we used to do it," Cornelio says.

Bad news for Amado residents and all of Tucson, as roads are just going to get worse.

"I hate to say it," says Cornelio.

To report potholes or problems with the roads in your area, call 520-740-2639.

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