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Oct 23, 2013 9:03 PM by Lupita Murillo

Robert Jones on death row 17 years, and dies in 17 minutes

FLORENCE - Arizona has executed a man convicted in six murders in Tucson, 17 years ago. Robert Glen Jones Jr. was given a lethal injection Wednesday morning at the state prison in Florence. His last words, "Love and respect my friends and family. And I hope my friends are never here."

It's been an extremely difficult 17 years for family members who lost loved ones at the Moon Smoke Shop, the Firefighters Union Hall, as well as a murder in Phoenix.

22 of them witnessed the state kill the man who murdered their family members. Robin McMurray and her sister Ryanne Costello talked about their father Dick Roels from Phoenix. He was Jones' seventh murder victim. Costello says, "He didn't get the death penalty for murdering my father but he did admit to it." Her sister says all she could think about as Jones lay strapped to table, " How is that that one person could cause so much pain and so much chaos."

Chris Bell's parents Arthur and Judy Bell died at the Firefighters Union Hall says the wheels of justice moved too slow. He was also hoping for an apology. "I was expecting for him to show some remorse. I didn't see any, not one. "

Jones, never looked at the witnesses to Clint Hardman who lost his brother Tom at the Moon Smoke Shop meant only one thing, "It really shows his character and he's a cowardly man. With that being said, it was a great day for our family. This does bring some closure."

For Koz Noel, who lost his mother also at the Firefighters Union Hall he says the execution was too easy for Jones. "He did not experience anything what my mom did. He didn't experience getting beat up, he didn't experience 2 bullets to the back this was easy. You go to sleep and stay asleep."

For the family in Phoenix this is it. They say they can finally move on. But for the families in Tucson, the appeals process continues for Scott Nordstrom. He's also sentenced to die for his part in the 1996 killing spree.


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