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Mar 7, 2014 10:44 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Roman was not one of the 6,500 'not investigated' cases

TUCSON - Kristi's Kids has just learned, 3-year-old Roman Barreras WAS NOT one of the 6,500 cases mishandled by the CPS hotline.

Back in November, it was revealed that thousands of calls to Arizona's child abuse and neglect hotline slipped through the cracks. The calls were labeled "non-investigative" when they should have been assigned to a CPS worker.

In a document released today, by the state, there were four calls placed to the hotline regarding Roman and the Barreras family. The first call was made right after Roman was born, in July of 2010. The last call was placed this past January. The January 2014 call to the hotline, from someone worried about Roman's whereabouts, was labeled a "communication." No "report" was made. The state says, that call was classified wrong by the hotline.

Kristi's Kids has just learned, from State Representative Victoria Steele, that Roman Barreras was NOT one of the 6,500 cases mishandled by the hotline. Steele spoke, tonight, with Charles Flanagan. He's the Director of the newly-formed "Division of Child Safety and Family Services." According to Steele, Flanagan said that the state knows every person/child in that group of 6,500 and that Roman and his siblings are not among them.

For a look at the state report, just issued today, on Roman Barreras, click here.

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