Mar 25, 2013 1:12 PM

Russian blintzes from Kalina's

Russian Blintzes

Milk 4 cups
Flour 8.5 oz
Sugar 1 oz
1 Large Egg
Salt ½ tea spoon
Soda ½ tea spoon
Olive Oil 3 table spoons
Butter for frying

Mix all dry ingredients with the egg and add milk a little bit at a time so there will be no flour pieces that are not mixed with milk.

Add olive oil to the mixture. The consistency will be very thin and runny dough.

Get hot an 8" or 10" frying pan. Put a little bit of butter to melt.

With a 1/3 measuring cup scoop the dough and pour into the hot buttery pan. Tilt the pan all the way around to coat the pan with the thin layer of the dough. Fry it till there is no raw dough visible on the top and flip it on the other side. Fry till it's done and stack on the plate one on top of the other.

You can put butter on them or just leave as they are but make sure to cover Blintzes with another plate so they do not dry out.

Fill them with jams and put sour cream on top or use savory fillings like fried eggs and onion or fried mushrooms or chicken and eat them right away.


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