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Oct 30, 2012 9:50 PM by Lupita Murillo

Sabino student released from custody

TUCSON- A 14-year-old Tucson boy is back home after being arrested in connection with a threat made at Sabino High School. The teen was picked up Monday night and taken to Pima County Juvenile court. He was cited for threats and intimidation.

It's the second time Pima County Sheriff's deputies have been in contact with the freshman. The first was October 10th when the teen was arrested, released to his parents and cited for the same thing. Then, last Friday the teen was found looking up material about serial killers on a computer while at school.

Monday, Sabino's principal sent a letter to parents saying the school is investigating.

Deputies are working with the school to have extra security on patrol around the campus on Halloween.

Some of the students News 4 spoke with say the school is over reacting.

Peter Wilkes says the suspect, " He's one of my friends in my 6th period. He's actually really nice I don't why everyone is talking about him like that. " Wilkes considers him a teddy bear, who is extremely bright.

Brad Albrecht says he understands why the school reacted the way it did in contacting authorities and sending out letters to parents. "I think it's really good the district took drastic measures because if something real were to have happened it's good to know they are ready for something in case it does happen."

Micah Scholes says, "I still don't find it possible someone at my school could do that."

Debra Kitchens says, "It's Halloween, I mean come on you're dressing up and stuff. I'm dressing up as a zombie for Halloween does that mean I am going to go around eating people's brains, no."

Cara Rene a spokeswoman for the Tucson Unified School District doesn't believe the school over reacted, "When school safety and student safety and safety of our staff members are a priority we are going to do whatever we have to do to make sure people are safe."


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