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Feb 21, 2014 12:22 AM by John Overall

Saffron Indian Bistro needs to clean up its act

TUCSON- A local restaurant needs to clean up its act before Pima county health inspectors come back for a re-inspection.

Saffron Indian Bistro on north Oracle racked up a handful of critical violations. Cooked chicken was stored at 76 degrees when it should have been kept at 130 degrees or more.

Raw chicken was stored above cooked onion sauce risking cross contamination.

Stacks of clean dishes were splattered with food debris. Several food items did not have date marks. All potentially hazardous food held for more than 24 hours must be clearly marked with a use-by date of 7 days.

The health inspector said the kitchen requires a detailed, thorough, cleaning because soil and debris had developed on equipment and walls.

Six critical violations and Saffron Indian Bistro received a Provisional grade.

Mexico City Kitchen is a restaurant on wheels. Employees working with raw meet changed gloves without washing their hands. Employees who did wash their hands admitted they didn't use soap because there wasn't any soap available.

Raw fish in egg batter was stored at room temperature. It should have been held at 41 degrees or cooler.

And cooked plantains were sitting on a cutting board dripping with raw blood and cooked meat juices. That's cross contamination risk and a critical violation.

Mexico City Kitchen received a provisional grade. But two days later all five critical violations had been corrected and it passed a re-inspection.

U-like Buffet on South Wilmot also wiped out a provisional rating by passing its re-inspection.

Los Betos on West Ajo showed enough improvement during a second inspection to get rid of a Needs Improvement grade.

Carrabba's Italian Grill on North Oracle, Paco's Mexican Food on East Grant and Dragon's Palace on East Broadway are among the local restaurants receiving Excellent grades.


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