Feb 15, 2013 6:56 PM by Van Nguyen

Sahuarita students collect jeans for homeless teens

SAHUARITA, Ariz. - Something as basic as a good pair of jeans can make us feel happy and confident.

But you might be surprised to learn so many teens in our area can't afford to buy jeans.

A group of Sahuarita High School students are helping to make sure homeless teens get them.

Thelma Magallanes, a Junior, says "the number one things homeless teens ask for are jeans because it helps them feel normal. I think it means a lot to them to feel normal like everyone else."

Magallanes and Daniela Gutierrez want to make a difference in their community.

They're members of the Do Something Club at Sahuarita High School.

Magallanes says, "I'm a part of it because I want to make this school a better place. I want to make it enjoyable for me and everyone around me."

The girls were inspired to help organized the Teens for Jeans Drive on campus.

Gutierrez says, "there's so many people who just have their jeans in their closet and they don't use them. So this is a great opportunity to give to those who don't have jeans."

The students put up posters and spread the word.

After two weeks, they collected more than 720 pairs!

The jeans were taken to Aeropostale in the Foothills Mall.

From there, they'll be boxed and sent to local charities such as Casa De Los Ninos and Youth On Their Own.

Melany Preciado, manager of Aeropostale at the Foothills Mall, says their store collected more than 300 jeans.

Combined that with the students' donation, they collected more than 1,100 jeans for homeless teens.

The goal of Aeropostale is to collect 10,000 pairs nationwide.

Gutierrez hopes the donation will help homeless teens. She says, "I think it means a lot because they don't really have a lot. So when people take the time to help them out, I think it makes their day a whole lot better."

Besides the Teens for Jeans Drive, members of the Do Something Club are also working on promoting literacy and kindness.


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