Oct 23, 2013 1:28 AM by Sean Mooney

SB 1070 protesters speak out at city council meeting

TUCSON - Anti SB-1070 protesters showed up in force Tuesday night at the Tucson City Council meeting. The activists want the city to make the Tucson Police Department change it's policy when encountering illegal immigrants during traffic stops.

On October 8th, TPD officers pulled over two men on the southside and when the two illegal immigrants couldn't produce a drivers license or ID. Following the law, the officers called Border Patrol.

A large group of protesters soon showed up and after attempting to disperse the crowd officers used pepper spray. The two men in the vehicle, Arturo Robles and Agustin Reyes as well as two protesters were detained by the Border Patrol.

At the City Council meeting on Tuesday opponents of SB-1070 stepped to the podium calling on council members to make the Tucson Police Department alter it's implementation of the SB-1070. The men involved in the traffic stop that sparked the protest, Arturo Robles and Augustin Reyes each spoke to the council through a translator.

Tucson City Councilman, Steve Kozachik says that regardless how people feel about SB-1070, changing the law is not in the hands of the City of Tucson, "We don't have the legislative body, it's not within our purview to tell the chief of police not to enforce the law", Kozachik said, "he is sworn to enforce the law. If the people coming down here want to effect change, they need to be up in Phoenix telling them to change the law."

The Tucson Police Department maintains that TPD officers acted accordingly to the situation they were in that night and the department personnel was following the law.


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