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Sep 12, 2013 9:35 PM by Kristi Tedesco

School bus delay causes scare for family

TUCSON -- A Tucson mom called Kristi's Kids when her daughter didn't make it to her bus stop after school.

She's a student at Bloom Elementary and she has a medical condition which makes the incident even scarier.

"My daughter Haley usually is dropped off somewhere around 2:40[p.m.] give or take 10...15 minutes," says Lesa Stonechek.

Lesa knows her daughter's school bus can be delayed but on Tuesday afternoon she became worried.

"3:15[p.m.] came around and I realized I hadn't heard anything."

Lesa called the T.U.S.D. transportation department and learned the bus broke down. It wasn't clear where her daughter was or how she'd get home. Lesa called Bloom Elementary.

"And they stated that she was not there. That she had got on the bus to go to Steele to transfer."

Lesa called Steele but, she says, no one answered the phone. She called Bloom again and she was advised to go to Steele.

Lesa was especially worried because Haley has a medical condition which puts her at a high risk of dehydration. She can only be outside for short periods of time.

Lesa got to Steele but was told by staff that all the kids were gone.

Then out of the corner of her eye, down the hallway, she saw kids through a window.

"And as I approached the door, I could see my daughter, and I said, 'That's her right there. Why is she outside?'"

The time? 4:03pm. One hour and 23 minutes after Haley's scheduled drop off.

Kristi's kids asked T.U.S.D what happened. The district provided this statement:

"Due to a mechanical issue with a bus assigned for the afternoon arrival at Bloom Elementary, there was a 20-minute delay in picking up students to bring them to Steele Elementary- which serves as a transfer location for some buses.

During the delay, transfer buses had been released to continue on their routes. Transportation supervisors in district vans were dispatched to Steele to connect with the remaining students and ensure they were safely delivered home.

Students, who had access to water and restrooms, remained under adult supervision at all times until the transportation supervisors arrived. The district regrets that there was a service interruption to our families as we strive to provide safe, quality transportation every day."

Lesa just wants procedures in place so parents and school staff are in the loop.

"I would just really like someone to take accountability and responsibility. And notify the other parents that were involved."

Kristi's Kids asked the district additional questions regarding possible changes to procedure. We are waiting for that response.


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