Nov 8, 2013 1:06 PM by KPNX-TV

Scorpion venom boosts body's ability to fight cancer

KPNX-TV - When you live in the desert you often encounter dangerous scorpions.

While many believe they're nothing more than a poisonous pest, others believe their venom could be life saving for people suffering from cancer.

Some researchers claim the relatives of Valley creepy crawlies could help you.

The serum called escozine, made by Medolife harvests venom from Caribbean Blue Scorpions into a serum.

The claim, it boosts the body's ability to fight cancer and kills off the cancer cells.

The company says its working to get the Food and Drug Administration to start clinical trials.

Meanwhile, Medolife claims more than 8000 people have been tested.

And many claim it work.

The out of pocket price: up to 4 thousand dollars for 3 months of treatment.

Oncologist doctor santosh rao says cancer patients often take dozens of other therapies not always doctor approved.

Rao, who specializes in integrative oncology helps cancer patients use treatment such as acupuncture with traditional medicine.

But says without more rigorous testing from the FDA patients shouldn't put all their hopes in a serum.


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