Mar 26, 2014 1:11 PM

Search for family lost in mudslide continues

Kevin Ryce has flown 3,000 miles to Washington on a personal rescue mission.

I'm from Pennsylvania, Scranton, Pennsylvania. I'm here because I love my family and I'm after them," he explains.

Ryce's cousin Billy Spillers, a Navy chief petty officer, was living in Oso with his wife Jonielle and their four children. They were watching TV when the mudslide hit Saturday, obliterating their street.

Rescuers found 4-year-old Jacob within hours.

"He was on the mudslide, stuck in the mud," said Ryce.

A picture of the toddler being rescued keeps Ryce going.

"This is Jacob getting rescued by helicopter after they pulled his body out of the mud," said Ryce, pointing to the snapshot.

His mother, Jonielle, wasn't home, so she's safe too. But Billie and three of the children, Brooke, Kaylee and Javon, are missing.

Ryce plans to head into the mud and debris and dig.

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