Mar 11, 2014 12:10 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Second sighting of possible child predator at Vail schools

VAIL - It may be spring break in the Vail School District, but parents and students are on high alert over a second sighting of a possible child predator.

As we first reported 10 days ago, a middle school student at Rincon Vista reported a suspicious man approached them. Monday, another sighting, this time at a nearby elementary school.

In both instances an officer responded, but the man and his truck have yet to be located.

Concerned parent Jennifer Rigby says, "I just hope that not only people with children in the neighborhoods are watching out for this, but even people without children to keep their eyes peeled for this vehicle."

On February 27th a sixth grade student at Rincon Vista was approached by a stranger after school, asked if he wanted a ride and told to get in the man's truck. It's white, with a white camper shell.

Less than two weeks later, a parent spotted what's believed to be the same vehicle, across from Senita Valley elementary, around lunch time. As the parent got closer, the driver sped off.

"It's very frightening for the parents, teachers, administration, everybody," says a parent picking his child up from school.

"Leave our kids alone," says another parent, "he has no business even thinking about talking to someone else's child."

The Vail school district sent letters home, after both incidents. This time, because it's spring break it was sent via email.

Rigby hopes parents don't mistake it, for a duplicate of the first one.

"I'm worried people say that letter and think it's from the time before and actually its occurring again," says Rigby, "which is scary because this person is not afraid that they've already been on the news to maybe do this again."

The suspect is described as a white man in his 30s, driving a white pickup with a white camper. If you see it, or have any information call 911.


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