Oct 3, 2013 8:02 PM by NBC News

Shutdown: Man furloughed from 3 of his federal jobs

(NBC News) You may call it a run of bad luck or you just blame the government.

One Arlington, Virginia man is doing both after he was furloughed from not one but all three of his federal jobs.

Erik brine is spending his week checking off his "honey do" list.

He is washing the laundry, folding clothes and taking his four kids to and from school.

Brine always thought his three federal jobs meant added security for his family until they became a liability this week.

"You never want to be told in your job that you are not essential. Especially, three times in one day at three different places. That is a little bit, a little bit hard to take," said Brine.

Brine is a major in the air force reserve.

He is also a civilian employee at the pentagon and serves as national defense advisor to Senator Tim Kaine.

But for now he can't do any of those jobs.

Add to it, he was furloughed 6 days this summer because of the sequester.

"We are going to start to have a pretty hard time," said Brine.

Brine is worried about his mortgage and groceries.

What's worse he is feeling helpless.

"It is really frustrating. You don't like to feel like you are a pawn in any sort of game," said Brine.

Especially, when that game affects his family's ability to survive.


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