Jul 4, 2014 11:25 PM by Lupita Murillo

Sierra Vista mother on the brink of losing her house

SIERRA VISTA - A mother of six whose husband went missing in Mexico eight months ago is on the brink of losing her house; her vehicle has already been repossessed.

Ignacio Jimenez, 32, left his house to give a friend a lift to Agua Prieta. He crossed into Mexico on November 23, but never returned.

His 6-year-old daughter Isabella is having a difficult time; she has dreams about her dad every night, "I can't stop thinking about him in my head it's too hard to stop." She remembers the day he left, "My mom tried to stop him but he didn't listen."

Alicia Jimenez, his wife of 13 years says, she didn't have a good feeling about the man her husband was helping out. She fears the worst happened to her husband, "Something really bad happened to him because he wouldn't just leave home and their children."

Jimenez left six children behind including a set of twins who weren't even a year old when he disappeared. His oldest daughter, also named Alicia said, "We just pray every day, when we go to the Boys and Girls Club we say the Our Father..."

The mother claims, her husband was not involved in drugs. He was a plumber and worked at Ft. Huachuca for 13 years. However, when she reported him missing and who he was with, the police told her to contact the FBI. "The police told me because of the friend's background they suspect it was a drug related kidnapping."

Jimenez has a degree in international business and got a job as a substitute teacher. But she needs a full time job so she can provide for her children. She says they are the innocent ones in this.

8-year-old Emilia said when her Dad left, "He gave me a good bye kiss and he said he was going to come back soon."

Ignacio never came back leaving his children with a lot of emotional and financial burdens. 9- year-old Sophia said, "We need our house, we need food we need our mom the most because she has been working really hard and doing a lot of stuff for all of us." She adds, "We miss our Dad."
Alicia believes, "I have to show them that even with adversity you have to be strong and on our feet because there's always another day to make it better."

She adds, she will do whatever it takes to take care of her children.


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