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Oct 6, 2012 12:24 AM by Lupita Murillo

Slain Border Patrol agent likely killed by friendly fire

Tucson - FBI investigators reveal the shooting death of Border Patrol Agent, Nicholas Ivie earlier this week was, most likely, the result of friendly fire.

From the beginning Cochise County Sheriff investigators believed that might be the case.

Rod Rothrock, who is operating as interim sheriff following the death of Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, says "At that time there was ballistic evidence that needed to be examined. There was information of potential suspects arrested in Mexico things of that nature."

The FBI expedited the scientific processing and so far believe the only ones firing weapons the agents themselves.

"There is a saying in the military that says someone has to walk point," Rothrock said. "Meaning somebody has to be the lead going into the danger zone. This is tragic and none of the agents involved wanted this outcome in any way shape or form. But God bless them they were walking point and going into the danger zone and they were doing this for you and me."

Agent Nick Iveys family was notified of the results of the investigation earlier today.

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