Apr 25, 2013 10:00 AM by John Overall

So. AZ Adventures: Zip lining with John Overall

There are 11 elements suspended between utility poles on the 4-H High Ropes Course on Ft. Lowell Road west of I-10. Groups of all ages can sign up to challenge themselves on the Rock Climbing Wall, Zip Line or Trapeze Leap.

It looks scary and that's part of the plan according to Elizabeth Sparks, "That's te whole point of generating that fear that you have in your everday life, somewhere, somehow. But recreating it here in a really safe way so then you can talk about it."

Talk about it and overcome those fears by learning to trust in yourself and in others. Sparks and her instructional specialists teach kids and adults how to communicate better, build a better team, and conquer fear.

For more information about bringing your group to the ropes course



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