Jan 1, 2013 8:16 PM by Lupita Murillo

Sober driver hits impaired pedestrian

TUCSON - A 36 year old man is in critical condition at University of Arizona Medical Center after he was struck by a vehicle early Tuesday morning.

Pima County Sheriff's traffic investigators say the man didn't get behind the wheel of his car for fear of getting a DUI. So instead he attempted to walk home.

It happened on Valencia Road past Casino Del Sol, when the 36 year old man was hit by a driver who was heading home.

Deputy Tom Peine says, the pedestrian " Was wearing a dark suit, there was poor visibility out there because its dark no street lights and apparently was walking in the middle of the roadway."

So a sober driver hit the impaired pedestrian. Deputy Peine says, the driver "Was going at or below the speed limit so there was nothing on their part could've had done differently. They tried to avoid him."

Jeremy Billington was walking along the same stretch of the road where the accident occurred. "I think it's kind of horrible he was trying to get home safely without injuring himself or anyone else. He got injured himself by trying to do right. Is really tragic."

Investigators say the man has a broken ankle and head injuries.
The Sheriff's department stresses there are numerous options available if you feel you are impaired, such as having a designated driver, calling a cab, or even calling AAA for a tipsy tow. Also there are organizations that will provide free rides during the holidays.


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