Apr 22, 2013 5:53 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Social media's role in Boston bombings

TUCSON - Christy Sorbe arrived home from Boston Friday to a home full of excited family. The mother of four ran in the Boston Marathon and then she and her husband spent the week visiting the historic city.

Sorbe, who finished the race before blast, recalled hearing and feeling the blast from about 200 yards away, "but when you saw the gray smoke and the debris and just silence. Kind of a hush over the crowd. And everyone just looked and said oh that's not normal."

She said she qualified to run in next year's race and is considering making the trip, "you know in my mind I hadn't necessarily immediately planned to do another marathon right away but would I? Yeah. Would it deter me? No."

As people all over the US watched the story unfold last week Dr. Sudha Rahm, a University of Arizona professor said social media most definitely played a role in the aftermath. She said people all over the country and even outside the U.S. were able to watch the developments, "it used to be that when were driving we'd listen to the radio. Or when we would go somewhere we would see a TV screen.; now you're always connected through your smart phone through your iPad, your tablets, and so on."

Rahm referred to the new paradigm as crowd sourcing. She described it as people attempting to help problem solve and believes social media may have helped authorities solve the crime, "you know people were filming different parts of the marathon. And so they were able to turn all that in to the law enforcement officers who were able to comb through it and that's how they were able to zoom in on you know the two suspects."


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