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Oct 12, 2013 1:35 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Social media used to help crown CDO homecoming king

ORO VALLEY-When you hear 17-year-old Kevin's laugh, you know exactly why the CDO senior is so loveable.

"He always has a smile on his face, he always makes you feel welcome and warm no matter what kind of day you're having," Senior Samantha Nettling says.

Add a few of his sweet dance moves to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and you can see why Kevin, who has down syndrome, encompasses El Dorado pride. "You won't meet someone else like him," Senior Niki Gonzalez says. "He is just out there he's not afraid to dance, to confront you and just give you a big hug and smile."

A few weeks ago his peers took to Twitter to start a campaign to make Kevin homecoming king. They used #kevinforhomecoming2013 to spread the word. "It pretty much spread in a single night," Nettling says.

"Everyone was for it and it was actually really easy," Gonzalez says.

Before they knew it, Kevin was nominated and Friday night on the CDO football field, dressed in a suit and white top hat, the school announced Kevin was the 2013 Homecoming King. "I think someone who spreads happiness just as much as he does deserves to get a happiness back for that," Senior Madison Hoyer says. "Even if it's just one night, I know it will make his whole year."

As soon as he was crowned, the crowd broke into cheers of "Let's go Kevin, Let's go!".

It was a celebration fit for a king and the students at CDO wouldn't have it any other way.


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