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Nov 16, 2012 6:00 PM

Solar company soaks up complaints at BBB

MARANA - Many home owners in Pima County are making the move to solar.

Panels are popping up on roof tops all over town.

But several customers are filing complaints with the BBB of Southern Arizona against one company, Salt River Solar and Wind.

"We would get paid back about 80% to 85% of our initial investment," says Paul Girvan.

Paul tells us he paid $17,836 for his solar system and was promised a rebate of $15,510.

The remaining $2,000 would be recouped with lower utility bills over a few years.

The system was supposed to be online last November.

"When in fact, actuality didn't occur until around 20th of February of 2012, before they actually got the panels and everything installed."

It's up and running but Paul says he has not received that promised rebate check

One of Paul's neighbors, Richard Naughton, was supposed to be online in September.

"The only activity I've had from Salt River is the drawing of the layout of the panels on the roof of my house."

Richard paid about $5400. He told Salt River Solar and Wind he wants his money back because he says the contract was not fulfilled.

And another neighbor, Kevin Carpenter says, "My contract was to be in three installments. Initially $2128."

Kevin made two payments.

"The only thing I received from them is this piece of paper. I paid $4000 for this piece of paper," says Kevin referring to single page with a schematic of where solar panels would be installed on his roof.

The investigators called Salt River Solar and Wind several times. At this time, the company has not provided a response for this story.


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