Dec 28, 2012 6:38 PM by Lupita Murillo

Sophisticated drug tunnel discovered in Nogales, Sonora

NOGALES SONORA - A sophisticated drug smuggling tunnel is found in Nogales Sonora not far from the Deconcini Port of Entry.

The Mexican military discovered it after an anonymous caller said two armed men were standing outside a two story house in a neighborhood known as "Buenos Aires.
Inside the house, soldiers discovered a fake wall inside a storage closet that was under a staircase. It led to a dark room with buckets and clothes. It has ventilation, and electricity.
After lifting a drain cover in that room, soldiers found another staircase at the entrance of the tunnel that went 16 feet underground and measured a yard in diameter. Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada says, "This is just another attempt by group organizations or cartels to push drugs across the border."

The tunnel had not reached the US. Authorities say it was just in the process of being built.

Sheriff Estrada says, the Buenos Aires neighborhood is notorious for drug trafficking.
"It's one of the areas that has a history of violence . In the past probably an area where Mexican authorities were always reluctant to patrol especially at night."
The tunnel was discovered about 250 yards from the US-Mexico border.
Mary Bocz lives near the fence that separates the two countries she has a young son. "I don't want him outside I'm so scared." She adds, "You don't know what to expect anymore you don't know if they're going to be throwing rocks like to be shooting what they're going to be doing or anything like that it's scary."

No arrests and no drugs were found. Authorities are positive the tunnel was meant for smuggling drugs. Since 2008 there have been at least 70 Tunnels found in Nogales, Arizona.


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