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Jun 7, 2014 1:27 AM by Sam Salzwedel

South Tucson fighting drug treatment facility

SOUTH TUCSON - Some people who live hear a proposed drug treatment facility hope the City Council can discourage the property buyer.

The current campus for Arizona's Children Association includes 8th avenue, which is an open space with grass and trees. Legally, when the property is sold, 8th Avenue becomes South Tucson's property again. City Councilman Ildefonso Green hopes making it a paved road will make the buyer lose interest.

"That use is no longer needed," Green said. "So what the community has told us, and what they want is, they want this street opened."

Pasadera wants to create a campus where recovering drug addicts can voluntarily seek help. CEO, Chuck Burbank, said his potential clients are not a threat because they want to get better.

"There's a lot of stigma attached around the treatment of people with substance abuse issues," Burbank said. "So I'm, in a sense, fighting for them too. Because they deserve the places to get treated as well."

But some neighbors believe South Tucson already has enough agencies that help homeless people, and people who suffer from mental health and drug abuse problems.

"It's a facility that is needed, but it's not needed across the street from an elementary school," Robert Brito said. "You have a lot of people that are just walking around and just panhandling, and just sometimes being disruptive to the business."

In the special council session Friday night, Burbank said he likes the current space and a cohesive campus, but paving a road will not stop the deal from moving forward.

The council voted to draft a resloution to be voted on later. They want to make sure the language is written correctly to guarantee the the property becomes a road again.


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