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Oct 21, 2013 4:42 PM

Spinach Tortelloni from North

Pasta Dough-Spinach

Spinach (weight is blanched pressed weight), 3.6 oz.
Egg Yolks (pasteurized), 5.4 oz.
"00" Flour, 10 oz.


1. Using a large pot, bring water to a rolling boil, have an ice bath ready, working in small batches
place spinach into boiling water, cook spinach to a point where it will just start to come apart between
your fingers, place in ice bath to cool.
2. Drain spinach & wring out all water with a linen napkin, chop spinach & place in a blender.
3. Puree spinach with egg yolks until completely smooth.
4. With flour in a pile make a pool in the middle, add spinach mixture and start mixing with finger tips
incorporating more flour as stirring, continue to mix until dough forms and you can bring the flour together. If needed add more flour until right consistency is achieved

Knead the dough for fifteen minutes by hand, wrap with plastic and let dough rest before rolling pasta

Spinach Tortelloni

Spinach Mezzaluna, 12 pieces
Kosher Salt, 1 pinch
Burro Fusso, 2 floz
Baby Spinach, 1 ounce
Grana Padano (grated fine) 2 tsp
Saba, 1 tbsp


1. Drop the pasta in water and cook until tender (approximately 3 minutes).
2. Warm burro fusso over medium heat.
3. Blanch the spinach in the pasta water for one minute, squeeze out any excess water and place in the
center of the pasta bowl.
4. Transfer the pasta into the sauce, gently toss to coat each piece of pasta.
5. Place the pasta into the pasta bowl over the spinach, spoon the sauce over the pasta and finish with
the grana padano and saba.


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