May 14, 2013 2:35 AM by Rebecca Taylor

State lawmakers receive paycut this week

TUCSON - Arizona lawmakers will get a pay cut this week.

On Tuesday the legislature hits the 120 day mark, meaning by law, their allowance for daily expenses drops.

In addition to their 24-thousand dollar a year salary, lawmakers receive a daily per diem for food and lodging.

Tucson lawmakers will see a decrease from $60 to $20 a day.

Those in Maricopa county, closer to the capitol will take home $10 instead of $35.

The cuts are part of Arizona law, an effort to entice lawmakers to close up shop sooner rather than later.

Representative Steve Farley says lawmakers usually aim to finish in 100 days, they've been successful the past couple years.

However, he's also experienced sessions lasting into July.

So what's happening this session, and what's his prediction on when things will wrap?

"Well I had hoped we'd of gotten finished a long time ago. But the big issue right now is the Medicaid restoration that the Governor has stepped up and pragmatically said this is the best thing for Arizona, Arizonans it's the best thing for the medical system in Arizona and she's pushing forward, but she's getting a lot of push back from her colleagues on the right-side of the aisle," said Farley, "It's unusual, when the Governor, and senate and the house is all controlled by the same party, that something would go this long."

Farley is hopeful the stale-mate will be broken this week.

As for his pay-cut required by state law? Farley says he's happy to serve, as long as it takes to make the state better.


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