Nov 29, 2012 7:35 PM by Erika Flores

State's portion of Powerball jackpot funds

TUCSON - It was the largest Powerball jackpot in the game's history and Arizona is getting quite a bit of change from it.

Juan Borjon and Anton Wolfe both played the Powerball jackpot.

"Oh, you know you hope and dream for that big jackpot," said Borjon.

"Unfortunately I didn't win, or I'd be very happy right now," said Wolfe.

Although they would like to say they play the lottery to help state programs, "No. I play to win," said Borjon.

It sure makes them feel better when they lose, to know some of the money is going to state programs.

"That's very appropriate. I think that should definitely be implemented," said Wolfe.

62 percent of lottery sales go to the prize, 2.5 percent to administration, 10.5 percent funds the game and 25 percent goes to the state.

"I think that's where most of it should go," said

This Powerball jackpot generated $36,089,636 in ticket sales.

Over 9 million of that will go to economic and business development, education, environment and health and public welfare programs.

"The state programs and services and beneficiaries received more than 9 point 7 million during this Powerball run," said Karen Bach with Arizona Lottery

The money from income taxes, five percent, goes to Arizona, so the Grand Canyon state is looking at more than 14.5 million dollars there.


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