May 23, 2013 8:19 PM by Erika Flores

Still hope for students who failed AIMS

TUCSON-It's an exciting time of year for seniors.

School is over, graduation is here, and they're set to plan the next stage of their life, but for some students, the AIMS test is standing in their way.

It's an obstacle that will keep them from receiving their high school diploma if they didn't pass the reading, writing or math tests, but there's hope for those who failed the exam.

At Sunnyside Unified School District, 33 will not graduate due to AIMS scores, but they still get to participate in the pomp and circumstance.

19-year-old Jesus Gonzalez is excited to wear a cap and gown Thursday night.

"It hasn't been easy, but I'm pretty much done with school," he said.

Even though he won't be getting his diploma.

"It just sucks," said Gonzalez.

He has all of the high school credits required to graduate, but he's missing one thing.

"Honestly, my math is not the best subject, and that's the only one I need to pass," said Gonzalez.

He failed the math portion of AIMS, but he dreams of becoming a registered nurse someday.

"It's going to make a better life for me if I go to college," said Gonzalez.

NJ Utter, Sunnyside Unified School District's Director of College Readiness said there are several options for students like Gonzalez.

- Summer school-to boost them with augmentation points

- AIMS prep course-then retake AIMS in October

- Go to school in fall for more classes to raise grades for augmentation, or take an alternative test

"For all students regardless of what district they're in, they really need to work with school counselors looking at AIMS alternates and making sure they know what AIMS options are open to them," said Utter.

Gonzalez is already hard at work, looking over equations and training his brain for his next try at AIMS.

He's determined to make his dream a reality.

"College I guess is going to be harder, but at the end it will be worth it," said Gonzalez.


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