Aug 16, 2014 9:26 PM by Domenica Fuller

Storm damages homes on Tucson's east side

TUCSON - Storms in Tucson have a tendency to be short, but potent. The most recent microburst storm occurred Friday night and left one neighborhood, near Broadway and Camino Seco, with thousands of dollars worth of damages.

It was not until the storm passed when many residents in this neighborhood realized the extent of harm done to their properties. Cheryl Johnson came out of her house Friday night to find her 50 ft pine tree uprooted in her front yard.

"It was raining and . . . We really couldn't even see out our backyard . . . and when we came out and saw this. We didn't even hear it occur. The storm was so loud. We didn't even hear this happen," said Johnson in disbelief.

Many in this particular part of town spent the majority of their Saturday cleaning up the debris.

"There was a very loud crash and the solar panels on the roof came flying off . . . I've never seen it this bad," said Archie Burke.

Even though there was heavy rain and hail, one resident was able to see the damage occurring while he was having dinner in his home Friday night.

"During dinner I saw the tree in the backyard go over and there was a lot of wind. And then I started seeing roofing material go by and I thought someone's roof had gone off and then I went out to my front porch and my front porch was gone and in the neighbor's yard. . . The wind was going every which direction and you had stuff flying everywhere and it was pretty wild," said Chris Minker, a local who lost his roof in the microburst.


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