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Jan 26, 2013 12:29 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Streetcar construction racing to finish before storm and gem show

TUCSON - Streetcar construction crews are racing to finish a stretch of road before the Gem Show.

Jesse Gutierrez is the engineering manager for the City of Tucson and is overseeing the project.

"We have a very short time frame," he said. "We're cutting it close, but we're working feverishly to get it done."

A rain storm expected over the weekend could potentially set them back a week. Construction workers covered the unpaved road with plastic to try to keep it dry. They will use pumps to get any water off the road, if necessary.

February was the busiest month for the Hub Restaurant and Creamery last year. This year, they will update their wine list and start a Gem Show happy hour.

Restaurant manager Grace Fricke says it will be busy regardless of the construction schedule.

"I don't know if it will make a difference," Fricke said. "I think the gem show is going to be the gem show either way. We're going to be really busy no matter what."


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