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Mar 13, 2013 9:40 PM by Sean Mooney

Student tax refunds delayed after using big name tax service

Tucson- In the thick of the tax season, many are anxiously awaiting refunds but a local man says he's gotten nothing but a nightmare.

The man says he is waiting for a refund that amounts to thousands of dollars. He filed his tax return with H & R Block and says because they didn't update their tax software he's got a pile of unpaid bills. He says he filed his return back on January 25th and was expecting a return over $7000 within three weeks.

The IRS has confirmed that these software issues have affected over 600,000 returns across the country. Officials say the problem relates to Form 8863, Education Credits. Apparently new changes in the way IRS process these refunds requires an update to the software many of the tax services use. In a statement the agency said, "The IRS is continuing to review the situation and working with affected software companies to assist the process of these tax return. we are taking special steps to help these taxpayers."

H & R Block also acknowledged the problem saying in their own statement, "We are communicating directly with our impacted clients to assure them that we are doing everything we can to expedite their returns. The IRS has informed us and other impacted providers that they are currently processing these returns."

But for the taxpayer waiting for his refund it cannot come soon enough, "It just put me way behind on my bills rent electric cell phone Thank goodness I don't have a car payment."

He went on to say that the IRS told him that because of the error in the filing and the delays he should not expect to see his refund for another four to six weeks.


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