Apr 2, 2014 1:56 AM by Lupita Murillo

Students claim rights were violated during arrest after Arizona game

TUCSON - A third-year law student and another student involved in UA government were among the 15 arrested last Saturday.

That's when fans poured into the streets near Main Gate Square after the Wildcats' loss to Wisconsin.

The situation quickly escalated with students chanting and throwing drinks. Officers threw tear gas and shot pepper balls.

Edward Laber and Daniel Anderson say they were trying to leave the chaos and asked an officer how could they get out of the area. Laber says,"We had hands up in the air." Anderson added: "In no way was Ishowing any kind of anger or aggression." That's when they claim the officer without further instructions just started shooting pepper balls at the two students.

Neither one knew each other. They just happened to be by Gentle Ben's when they say the officer unloaded on them.

Anderson tells News 4 Tucson: "I have wounds both in my chest, on back, and on the side. The only way you can get those if your hands are suspended in the air."

Laber says he was shot a total of 17 times across the chest, in the back, on his hands, and his side.
Anderson says he was shot anywhere between 9 and 12 times.

News 4 obtained video from Gary Spector who is representing Laber and Anderson. It shows how officers reacted after the two students were shot with the non lethal pepper balls. It also shows how officers reacted when spectators began yelling at them after they rushed in and arrested Laber and Anderson.

The video also shows how officers came after one of the fans after he yelled the arrest was being documented.

Spector says the incident is "Outrageous and it was excessive force." He also obtained a summary case report on Laber's arrest. "It doesn't have any indication whatsoever that the Tucson Police officers or anyone had opened fire on this young man with his hands up in the air."

The irony of this incident says Spector 24 hours prior to Laber's arrest he was sitting next to a Tucson Police officer representing the city as a prosecutor.

"He's a CPS, he's a docile, great kid, and he's about to take the bar exam. This is the anesthetist of somebody involved like this and provoke the police." Anderson has a double major in political science and psychology and a minor in pre law.

Laber was charged with unlawful assembly and Anderson with disorderly conduct. Spector hopes to get those charges dropped and he says he wants Tucson police to be held accountable for their actions.


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