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Mar 12, 2013 8:16 PM

Students hope for younger Pontiff

TUCSON - Students at Saint Augustine Catholic High School in Tucson say they know they are witnesses to history as the papal conclave begins to select the next pontiff.

Age was a big part of the discussion in David Oboyski's World History class Tuesday.

"I want to see someone younger, who can relate to younger Catholics," said Jacob Castaneda, a sophomore.

His classmate Noemi Maldonado agrees age should be a factor, "I would really appreciate a pope actually being more social. And being more out there. And taking time to be out with the community."

Kaitlynn Williams, a 17-year-old junior said, "I just think it should be somebody who is full of love for Christ. You know somebody with a great joy, who shows really the true joy of being Catholic."

Oboyski said the papal conclave has dominated discussion in his class these last few weeks. He said students recognize the significance of Pope Benedict's resignation, "the next time this happens you could be in your 40s and have kids of your own and being a part of that, being able to say that I was there when that happened, the first time a pope resigned in 600 years."

Williams said it's more about praying for the man who walked in to the conclave a cardinal and comes out as the pope, "I know we say it would be cool to have a pope from this country or this country; but what we should really be praying for is for the cardinals to listen to the will of the Holy Spirit."


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