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Feb 22, 2013 8:29 PM by John Patrick

Summerhaven business welcomes recent winter storm

SUMMERHAVEN - A recent winter storm has left more than a foot of fresh snow on Mt. Lemmon and that leads to some big business for Summerhaven.

With the kids out of school for rodeo vacation families are heading up to the high country in big numbers for a fun filled day in the snow. Steve Sanders, Manager of the Sawmill Run Restaurant in Summerhaven, says he always expects a big crowd after a winter storm.

"It's just like a magnet. Everybody is up having a good time; everyone is smiling and having fun. It's great," says Sanders.

The busiest time of year in Summerhaven is around the holidays so a little extra snow acts as a big bonus for the tiny town.

Sanders explains, "It's a huge bonus for us, there is a huge amount traffic coming by and you can see the people filing in."

Jerry Mackenzie just moved to the area form the Pacific Northwest and was surprised by how much snow was in the mountains.

"We just moved here from Seattle and you've had more snow here than there. So it's fun to come up with family," says Mackenzie.

Summerhaven is just over an hour away and always welcomes those seeking the snow.


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